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Zac C., Reporter

June 17, 2018

Друг (Pronounced: Drūg) is the Russian word for a good friend, it is also is the name of a meme, but while in the cyrillic writing, it looks creepy and cryptic. The image is a video game screenshot from “Fallout New Vegas” ma...


Bennett T., Reporter

June 17, 2018

On the NHL 18 Main Menu it lets you choose the playing mode you want. Usually Play Now is the classic mode. When you play the game, you can pick your team from all the NHL teams and there is the expansion Vegas Golden Knights...

iphone 7 – REVIEW

Anna V., Reporter

June 17, 2018

Do you have an Apple IPhone? If so, what version is it? Do you enjoy the quality of the phone? I have an Iphone 7. Yes, I know it’s not the latest Iphone to come out, but it is fairly new compared to others. It came out Septembe...

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