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Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman

Reviewed by Cameron R. M., Team 3

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Genre:  Fantasy

“Shadow Scale” By Rachel Hartman is an amazing fantasy book that follows the adventures of Seraphina Dombegh as she tries to find the half dragon, half human Itysaari to help her take down the dragon menace. This book is a sequel to the book Seraphina. This book is great for people who love fantasy books about dragons. Seraphina is off on a mission to collect the itysaari while reporting her progress to Queen Glisselda and Prince Lucian Kiggs. She also has to face challenges and fight villains along the way to her goal. Some of the itysaari are stubborn and some come easily.

This book is an advanced read that takes longer. It has about 600 pages and has advanced words and some more mature language. I completely recommend this book to any reader because it is a great read even though it takes a while to read and comprehend it.

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Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman