Love, Simon – REVIEW

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Love, Simon – REVIEW

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“Who you are to the world is pretty scary because what if the world doesn’t like you?” This is a quote from Simon, a currently running movie called Love, Simon.

Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) is a 17 year old boy. He has loving parents, a little sister who loves cooking, and crazy friends: Leah, Abby, and Nick. Simon crosses paths with an annoying kid, Martin, and a school friend, Bram. He works hard and does well in school and enjoys theatre. Everything about Simon’s life is normal, except for one thing. He has a huge secret. He’s gay. No one knows, and he is too scared to tell anyone, afraid that people will see him differently, judge him; afraid his life will change.

Simon hears about an anonymous gay boy at school who calls himself Blue, and Simon decides to open up his secrets to him. Simon, under the anonymous name of Jacques, starts emailing this so called “Blue”, and the two of them become email pals, opening up their fears and worries to each other about coming out into the open of being gay. Over time, Simon develops feelings for Blue. When Simon’s secret is threatened, he struggles to find his correct footing on the ferris wheel that has been constantly taking him around and around on a never ending cycle, and reveal his true identity to the rest of the world.

This movie Love, Simon, takes you on the path of the life of a gay teenage boy, trying to figure out where he belongs in the world. The movie was full of high school drama, heartwarming young love, and many comedic scenes. At times you will laugh until you can barely breathe, and at other times, you will ball your eyes out because it is so touching.

Critic, Richard Roeper from the Chicago Sun Times agrees and states, “As the romantic mystery develops, the light comedy keeps us amused”.

This movie was based on the novel “Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda” by Becky Albertalli and was directed by WGA, DGA and Golden Globe nominated writer, director, and producer, Greg Berlanti. Screenplay was done by Elizabeth Berger and isaac Aptaker. This 1 hour and 50 minute romcom, cost $17 million to make and was released on March 16, 2018 in the USA.

Love, Simon, is officially rated PG-13 but in my opinion, it should be for ages 12+, however, parents would probably disagree. A parent review from Common Sense Media, said that it should be for ages 14+ only. The parent stated, “It shows students having ignorant views about homosexuality, insensitive comments that the Dad makes about homosexuality before he knows, and everyone having appropriate reactions when Simon comes out…”.  

Throughout the story, meaningful life lessons are shown. I’m sure all of you have had those moments in your life when you do something embarrassing or you wake up in the morning and you find that you have a giant pimple on your face, and you’re worried that people will judge you and see you differently because of it. Many people actually feel that way through their entire life. Many of us don’t realize what it’s like to always be on the outside, to never feel the same as the people around you. This movie greatly portrays our differences as humans and how no one should be scared to be open about those differences that make them special, unique, and shape who they are.

The soundtrack was composed by Rob Simonsen. It consisted of songs by many famous artists. The Bleachers, Jack Antonoff & MO,Troye Sivan, Amy Shark, Khalid & Normani, Brenton Wood, The 1975, Whitney Houston, Jackson 5, and HEARTS. Each individual song had its own significant meaning, which connected to the scene that it was played in. The entire soundtrack was incredible and even now when I listen to it, it makes me tear up because it is so stupendous.

In my opinion, the movie Love, Simon is a movie definitely worth watching. All the actors and actresses are very skilled, the plot line is well developed, and the soundtrack  portrays the mood of each scene very well. I would give it a 5 of out 5 because it is breathtaking and extremely well done. After watching the movie, I came out of the theatre feeling like a better person. It made me feel more confident in myself and in general, it left me feeling like I had really gained something out of the movie.

According to Richard Scott Larson of the Slant Magazine, “Greg Berlanti’s charmingly heartfelt film is a remarkably successful attempt to give shape to the experience of the closet by drawing an incredibly intimate portrait of a teenage boy about to leave it behind.”

The movie Love, Simon is not locally playing in the theatres anymore, but when it comes out, I would definitely recommend watching it. It is outstanding!

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