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Друг (Pronounced: Drūg) is the Russian word for a good friend, it is also is the name of a meme, but while in the cyrillic writing, it looks creepy and cryptic. The image is a video game screenshot from “Fallout New Vegas” made to look grainy. The origin of this meme is a video that asks the type of friend you are. The four types are; The truck freak, the crazy one, друг, or the fighter. The joke is that друг is the “good friend.” Part of the backstory is that the creature seen in the picture is said to have come from the void.                                  

The backstory is creepy and disturbing. Like most memes, this meme is portrayed in several different ways. My favorite are the ones that Друг is in a “When you realize…” format (i.e. “When you realize the stove is not off.” and Друг is made to look like he is running back inside. When you find out what the joke is, the meme is ruined. The “creepiness” factor is removed when you find out that the 3rd type is the good friend. The backstory is a bit lacking, making this meme not get a 100% positive review. All there (currently) is to it is that it comes from the void. The meme would’ve been better if the backstory was that it came from the void to befriend the living and consume evil.   

All in all, I would have recommended this meme for anybody who wants to have a quick laugh with their friends. The reason I do not is that it is dead and does not hold the “comedy level” it used to, but because it is a “pliable” meme you can edit it and create your own version. No two memes are alike.

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