47 Meters Down – REVIEW

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47 Meters Down – REVIEW

Anikka E., Reporter

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The movie 47 Meters Down is a breathtaking 2017 british horror film. The film is directed by Johannes Roberts, written by Roberts and Ernest Riera, and starring Claire Holt and Mandy Moore.

The plot follows two sisters, Lisa and Kate, who take a vacation to Mexico. They are given the opportunity to see sharks within reach, one they cannot deny.The only catch is they will be lowered down while in an old rusty cage. Being in the water is breathtaking but in the wrong ways, they must go back to the top. As being lifted up the wire supporting the cage snaps causing Lisa and Kate to plummet 47 meters down to the ocean floor.

In my opinion the movie’s full of action and never shows a relaxed moment. There were plenty of new ideas that I had never seen in a shark based movie. The only recommendation that I have is to show more clips that include the sharks. But, besides that I really liked the movie. Another reason why I really liked this movie is because, when people die, the director is careful about showing the person. By this I mean they will only show a lifeless body for 3-4 seconds and the body barely looks damaged. In my opinion on a scale of one to five I rate this movie a four.

In the movie 47 Meters Down the stars are Mandy Moore (Lisa) and Claire Holt (Kate). When Kate and Lisa meet two local guys and are invited to see 25 foot long sharks they can not deny. But, as the rusted cage is being lowered down Lisa’s thoughts go from good to bad. She panics and must be brought up. As the old cage is slowly lifting them up the crane attached to the small boat un clenches. Causing the two girls to go plummeting down, and hit the ocean floor. Then, they must get back up with sharks circling and low supplies.

The suspenseful movie is directed by Johannes Roberts. The movie was created in the year 2017, and released near summertime. My personal age rating for this movie is 10+, but do to bloody scenes the movie is rated 13+. In total the movie is 89 minutes long and the genre is mystery and suspense. This movie attracted many critics, some good and some bad. Most of the negative comments regarded how every summer a new and un realistic shark movie is released. Reviews also stated that most of the plot line was very predictable. By saying this critics meant that this movie was too much alike other shark related movies. But, that comment completely depends on what other movies you have seen. Along with bad reviews there were plenty of good ones such as how there has never been a movie created with a similar plot line. Others also thought that the movie was very unpredictable.


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