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On the NHL 18 Main Menu it lets you choose the playing mode you want. Usually Play Now is the classic mode.

When you play the game, you can pick your team from all the NHL teams and there is the expansion Vegas Golden Knights. Next, you pick your jersey. Yes, the jersey is as same as the team. There is a drop down menu that you can press and it takes you to the game settings and you can pick if you want Icing, Penalties, Rules and Offsides  on or off.

There is also NHL Threes where you can pick all the NHL teams, plus there are two accessory teams and those teams are the Eastern Conference Mascots and the Western Conference Mascots.  When I’m the East mascots I usually put Blades the Bruin in from the Boston Bruins because the Bruins are my favorite team and I like Blades special celly when he scores. The way you make the Mascot do their special celly is you press the y button when you score.

When I play I usually play in Play Now Mode because it is the regular game with  5 on 5 with three periods. If the score is tied after the third period it goes into a 5-minute 3 on 3 OT, and if it is still tied after OT, it goes to a shootout.  I like the game because it is a game of my favorite sport, hockey. I would say it is a favorite because it has all the current players on all the teams. What I most like about the game is the graphics because it looks so real that it looks like real life.  There isn’t anything I don’t like about it.

soundtrack for the game  

goal horn for Vegas Golden Knights  

goal horn for flyers

goal horn for Bruins

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