Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 – REVIEW

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Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 – REVIEW

Kiefer R., Reporter

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The Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 is a groundbreaking soccer cleat. With sleeker designs new materials and new colors. This cleat very tight material so it acts like a sock. This cleat is intended for players who are quick and play midfield and attacking positions.

The difference between the elite and other types are the build. The cheaper one is $90 that is made out of a hard plastic. The $150 version has better material it is made out of a mesh mixed with hard plastic. The 250 dollar elite version has a very tight feel and it is made with a sock like material, this makes it so you can cover lots of xground quickly. Overall they are a very clean well fitting cutting edge cleat.

Many of the sellers can have every different prices. Like the brand selling it on its website has it 250 dollars the it only costs that much but they  other price is 274.99 at footlocker. They are the same cleat for a higher price, I would recommend that you go for the cheaper pair because they are the same.

The Nike Superfly 12 Elite has a very unique style, a carnival glass bottom and a orange base. According to they say, “Essentially, the Vapor 12 Elite is just a coated knit sock with a solid, secure base. That’s how it feels on foot, anyway. At first, the one piece Flyknit upper feels stiff and rigid before you break it in and soften it up, and there’s also some minor chafing at the heel which subsides once you break in the boots. The soleplate’s chassis is placed on the inside of the boot, with the two studded plates placed on the outside of the boot (one beneath the toes and one beneath the heel).”

This cleat has many benefits such as the tight sock for an almost exact touch. Many people have used this product do enhance there game. Although the high price may affect you buying the product, buying the cleat can enhance your game and make you look good on the field.

I bought the cleats last winter for the summer season. This season is the hottest. I wanted a cleat that looked cool and had a very strong build. Once I got the cleats I knew that they would hold well during the hot season games. Many of the games I have played in the cleats have made my feet feel free. My passing has increased in skill because the sock has made me improve a lot. Overall the cleat plays well.

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