Airsoft: Good or Bad? – REVIEW

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Airsoft: Good or Bad? – REVIEW

Devyn C., Reporter

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Airsoft is a military simulation sport were players participate in a mock combat with authentic military weapons and equipment, using tactics and strategies.

There are multiple arenas  you can go to, including Boston and there is a place near the Bourne Bridge and other places like Stronghold Ops | Far | .  Not all arenas are outside and they usually cost only $15-20  to get into the arena.

This arena including multiple game modes to play like capture the flag or team deathmatch and also Secure The Hostage and multiple guns to use and a great community.  If you like the military or police you will like this. It’s a great community and a fun adrenaline pumping mock combat military simulation game.

The goal of the game depends on which game mode you’re playing. If you’re playing team deathmatch, you have to eliminate the other team 50 or 75 times or capture the flag which is regular capture the flag but with airsoft guns.

Paintballs, which are big circular bullets and when they hit something the bullet breaks spilling out paint and most likely leaving a bruise. Unlike paintball, airsoft ammunition is a 6mm hard plastic bullet while paintball bullets.

I have had a great experience playing airsoft. I like how the community helps A LOT when your new, like when your gun is jammed or how to reload a certain gun. The experience I have had playing airsoft is when my gun was jammed there were multiple bb’s stuck in the barrel because I did not load it properly, leading to my gun being jammed. Someone quickly grabbed my gun and told me to run to the building were he would help me unjam my gun (and remember my gun was jammed in the middle of a gun fight trying to take over a town that could give us a good flanking advantage). He unjammed my gun and told me how to load and unjam it if it happens again.

It was adrenaline pumping! We both went around the map and flanked a transportation truck bringing enemy troops to the town we were trying to take over, so it was perfect. We took fire at the troops at the back of the bus but only took out 3 people. How we knew this is we heard three people say HIT (5 were in the truck), but we were still happy because the troops at the town outnumbered them and we could fully take over the town. When playing airsoft it’s like you are in the battlefield but more safe. It’s very realistic, as there are tactics and strategies. Most people wouldn’t just go in guns blazing, they would make a plan and maybe flank an advantage point.

It’s a great community and a great sport to attend and even watch. Just listen to the refs who are in the field making sure no one cheats, everyone plays fair and no one argues.  Play right and you will have a blast.

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