League of Legends – REVIEW

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League of Legends – REVIEW

Colby M., Reporter

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League of Legends is a 5v5 online multiplayer MOBA style game produced by Riot Games, released in October 27, 2009 that can be played for free on both pc and mac. It currently is the world’s most played game having 27 million players playing per day.

Basically, the game is a top down view with two different teams, each having five players. The map is a square with two bases for each of the teams and three lanes that go through the entire map. Each team has eleven turrets, two inhibitors and a nexus. The inhibitors have to be destroyed to destroy the enemy nexus, and when the enemy nexus is destroyed, you win the game.

There are five main roles within the game that correspond to the different lanes as well as the jungle in between the lanes, top, mid, jungle, adc, and support. You can play any of the 148 champions (new champions are added fairly regularly) that are within the game in any role however, champions normally are better in one role than the other.

Top laners generally have high health and damage and do physical damage. The junglers are very varied and usually the only requirement is that they take Smite, an ability that does high damage to monsters in the jungle while giving the user a chunk of health. The mid laner generally does not have much health however neither does high magic damage. The adc shares one of the three lanes with the support and usually has little health but very high physical damage, and the support role usually has high health and their job is to protect their adc while also healing them.

There is also a plethora of items within the game that can be bought with coins, which are slowly earned over time and are also earned by killing the minions that go through each lane, or for killing enemy champions or objectives like turrets. The items provide many different boosts to your champion, most commonly an increased status, like more attack damage, more armor, more health, more magic resist, or more magic damage, however some items provide unique abilities that can be used.

Each of the 148 champions has four different abilities that are assigned to the keys q, w, e, and r. The first three abilities are standard abilities that can be used often, while the last ability, the r key, is a special ultimate ability that usually takes a long time to re-use. It does much higher damage or has a special powerful affect compared to the champions other abilities.

The game has many copies flooding the mobile and pc markets as it is currently the world’s most popular game. The game is known fairly well for its breathtaking musical sequences that are generally released accompanying a new champion. The most notable musical producers of the game are Christian “Praeco” Linke, Edouard “Ed The Conqueror” Brenneisen, Jason “Protoshredanoid” Willey, Alex “Scherzophrenia” Temple, and  Sebastien “Chemicalseb” Najand.

The game has a high replayability rate as it is not a story based game, but rather a multiplayer experience, the game does not cost any money to play or unlock champions however, cosmetics and champions can be purchased with money if you so wish.

I thoroughly enjoy playing the game. It can be confusing to start however, once you get the hang of it, it can be good fun to play with friends. The replayability of the game is high as there is no story mode and the gameplay is rich and well throughout.  Each champion provides a very different game experience and keeps the game fresh by trying out different combinations of champions that work well together.

The game also has a flourishing Esports community with many different teams that compete to be the best. The game offers a lot and can be played for years and years without getting stale. I heavily recommend the game to anyone who is interested, and I would rate the game a very high eight out of ten, a great game for people who are interested.


League of Legends by downloadsourcefr via flickr.com is licensed under CC by 2.0

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