The Hate U Give – REVIEW

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The Hate U Give – REVIEW

Kyra C., Reporter

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            The book “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas is an amazingly detailed book that tells the experience of a black girl named Starr Carter in High School.  She lives in a black community but, goes to a school with mostly white people. At her school she has two best friends Hayley and Maya and a caring boyfriend named Chris.  In her black community Garden Heights she has her best friend Khalil and other friends like Devante and Kenya. Her family Seven, Sekani, Mom and Dad are very close and supportive.  

           Suddenly, when a tragic event happens where Khalil, Starrs’ best friend from Garden Heights gets shot by a police officer who pulled them over, Starr is the only one who knows what really happened that night.  She must prove to everyone that what happened that night was not an accident.   Although almost everyone believes it’s an accident it was actually an act of police violence and racism.  

         Throughout the book you see different opinions on what happened.  You see the effect this has on the King Lords and Khalil’s family and especially Starr who doesn’t let her friends at her Prep School know which leads to more problems later in the story.  Starr goes through a lot including remembering a time when she was 9 years old and her other best friend Natasha got shot by a vehicle going by. Even though this book may sound very sad it’s really good and shows what a community can do to show their support for someone.            

           I started reading this book when a friend of mine read the book and said it was amazing.  So I decided to get the book and read it myself. I definitely recommend the book to those who love to read about personal experiences.  

          This book is realistic-fiction and it gets deep into feelings.  If you feel uncomfortable with that then this book is definitely not for you.  I personally didn’t feel uncomfortable. I felt as if I was really there and experiencing it for myself.  I could really put myself in Starr’s shoes.

          In my opinion this book is so good because of how realistic and detailed it is.  I have said so many times that it’s amazing but, it’s so true. This book was written very well and you definitely might be able to relate to it.  

        Although, the main characters are in High School I think that you can read it in Junior High.  In my opinion I don’t think people younger than 12 should read it. Since it takes place in High School and their are gangs there is swearing.  Beyond the swearing it focuses on police violence and racism.

        This story is very sad but, the characters are amazing.  I fell in love with all of the characters. I loved how Chris was very supportive of Starr and was always there for her.  Even though some people look at them differently because, Chris is white and Starr is black he doesn’t care and he loves her for her.  

        This book does not portray a typical life of a high schooler that we have here in Falmouth.  Not many people live a life like Starrs’. Two of her best friends died yet, she still fights for justice.  This book is very inspiring and once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down.

        7th grader Anna P.  said “I thought it was a really good book.  I could relate to the book. It portrayed the way that police treated black people and how they were violent.  Society was like the society today and it’s still happening all over the world. People are still being racist.”

        Another 7th grader,  Leyden S. said, “I thought it was a really intriguing book.  I don’t know if I liked how violent it was, but I liked how realistic it was and it wasn’t just fake.  I didn’t know about how different their life was so it gave me a different view of a totally different life.  I related to the society today which I thought was interesting. Overall, this book was very good because it was realistic and relatable.”

        I also went on  and many people loved the book.  Most people thought it was heartbreaking yet honest.  Many of the people said that it is what’s happening in America now and it’s sad to hear.  A large amount of the people who read this book were white and said how lucky they were to not have to deal with racism and police violence like Starr did.  Even though there were many good reviews, there was one person in particular that did not like the book and felt strongly against it and accused Starr of being racist.  

        Overall this book was very well written and many people liked it.  There was barely any bad reviews on the book and when there was it was because they didn’t like how it was written.  After reading this review I hope you decide to read “The Hate You Give” by Angie Thomas. Once you pick up the book I promise you won’t want to put it down.  It will easily become a book you recommend to someone else.

  “The Hate U Give Book Image” by Vernon Barford School via is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

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