Say No To Soft Serve Ice Cream – REVIEW

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Say No To Soft Serve Ice Cream – REVIEW

Elizabeth J., Reporter

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Soft serve ice cream is a very popular summer treat that many Americans enjoy. I am not one of those Americans though. It is a less dense version of ice cream that according to Dairy Queen is softer because there are more air bubbles in the ice cream’s base. Soft serve ice cream is pretty easy to get even though it is not sold in your average grocery store. It is common at fairs, carnivals, amusement parks, restaurants (especially fast food and buffet), and specialty shops. There are four flavors that are most commonly found (even though there are many other flavors that can be bought too): chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and a mix of chocolate and vanilla. You can also get dip that solidifies around the ice cream as well.

The serving size is a half a cup, and according to wikipedia, contains more calories than other ice creams. In a half a cup of soft serve ice cream there are 191 calories, and in a half a cup of hard ice cream there are 137 calories. Soft serve ice cream is generally less expensive than ice cream, making more people want to get it. Also working at soft serve ice cream places is a lot easier then working at a normal/hard ice cream shop because all you have to do is push down a lever, no upper body strength needed.

I have been having soft serve ice cream for as long as I can remember. I have never really liked it too much though. Some people really like the creamy aftertaste it leaves in your mouth. Others find it disgusting, and hate the way it makes their stomachs feel. I prefer other ice creams because soft serve ice cream is not as natural. According to Dairy Queen, there are many types of artificial flavors and corn syrups in soft serve ice cream. Hard ice cream just consists of milk, cream, sugar, tara gum, and natural flavor, making it more of a healthier choice.

According to wikipedia, Soft serve ice cream is mainly stored in big plastic bags as a liquid, or powder. It is hard for me to enjoy soft serve when I know it is coming from that. Last summer, on a hot day, my mother took my brother and I to get Dairy Queen on Main Street. As I placed my order I peered through the window to watch them make it inside. What I saw though was the workers taking out an empty bag from the soft serve machine, and pulling out a full bag of liquid brown from a compartment with many more of that same substance. I thought it was pretty gross, and it was hard not to think about as I ate the ice cream. Soft serve ice cream, in my opinion, is not as good as other ice creams.


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