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  • June 19Congratulations to Roll of Honor Recipients Lily C. and Trevor H.!

Eamon M.
Hello, first of all, I would just like to say that I don’t know how to stick with one book or show series at a time. I really like to read, as well. The best book ever is the Sea of Trolls. If you haven’t read it then you aren’t my friend anymore… just kidding. My favorite kind of show is anime. My favorite show is Blue Exorcist, but it’s very close between a few others. I kick butt at splatoon, it is one of my favorite games, by far. I like wiis more than xboxes and playstations, but no offense to those who disagree. I am a total dragon geek. I also really like drawing them, along with other things.  Also, the farthest away from the U.S. that I have been is Normandy, France, when I was five, so unfortunately, I really don’t remember much from it. When I am older I would like to be an author, because if I was succesful, I could travel for book tours.  

Eamon M., Team 2 Reporter

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