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  • June 26Happy Summer, Lawrence!

  • June 19Congratulations to Roll of Honor Recipients Lily C. and Trevor H.!

2016-2017 Staff

Skyler Falcone & Sohpie Cutter


 CONGRATS YOU'VE FOUND THE FINAL CLUE!!!! WHEN YOU FIND IT KEEP THE PAPER WITH YOU AND TAKE IT TO THE TECH 21 ROOM DURING 1st LUNCH (10:50-11:20) JUNE 16! Greece, Rome, and Mayan temples, with this room, you’ll find exa...

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Charlotte D.


My name is Charlotte and I really like iced coffee. I also play three sports and sail. I have two (VERY CUTE) dogs, one Golden Retriever and one Brittany Spaniel. Tyler Seguin is my role model and I am his secret admirer.

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Brynne M


Starbound. Stardew Valley. Terraria. Minecraft. Subnautica. UNDERTALE.   pineapple.

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Hannah M.


Hi I am Hannah and I love anime.

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Jessica B.


My name is Jessie. The end.

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Grace B.


Hi. My name is Grace. I LOVE Mookie Betts!! He is my favorite baseball player who plays on the Red Sox. A few of my hobbies I do are playing piano, ukulele, and riding horses. I have been playing piano for about 6 years and ukulele...

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Zorianna P.


The One and Only.

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